Ecuador Named As The Top Place For US and Canadian Retirees!


Ecuador, the South American nation bordered by Colombia and Peru, has scored the highest marks according to as the best place to retire.


With its low cost of living, great climate and cheap property prices, it is no wonder why Ecuador has been ranked the top foreign retirement destination for North Americans for the fifth consecutive year.


With monthly estimated living expenses ranging from $900 to $1,400, Ecuador surpasses Malaysia, Mexico and Costa Rico. Dan Prescher, the special projects editor for the website said, ‘I think the combination of a welcoming culture, the great weather, the affordability and its proximity to the United States all go together to make it a good package.’


The editors at analyzed data and information from correspondents in the countries most popular with American and Canadian retires to compile the results. The results were based on a host of categories including: cost of living, climate, property prices, healthcare, ease of integration, retirement infrastructure, entertainment and amenities and special benefits for retirees.