Elite Model Management Makes Biggest Payout To Unpaid Interns In History


Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but we’ve seen more of these scorned intern stories in the news over the past three years. The most recent and biggest payout of all time comes from Elite Model Management.

The well known modeling agency that reps Grace Bol, Agyness Deyn and Xenia Deli in four major cities was sued by over 100 interns that claimed they were not paid while working there. Initially the class action suit asked for $50 million in compensation, but on Friday the company settled on $45 million with each intern getting from $700 to $1,750 a piece.

“We can see from litigation involving Hearst that companies can choose to fight all the way,” Steven Wittel, head of the law firm representing the interns told Fashionista. “Elite is a reasonable company that decided to do the right thing. They should be commended.”

In addition to Elite and Hearst, Conde Nast has also seen a similar suit with two interns suing for being paid below minimum wage. All of this seems to the result of a post-recession generation who feel entitled to be paid for the work they put in. Go figure?