Emancipation weekend: SPF survival guide


If you’re heading down to Ocho Rios this weekend to have a little fun at the SPF Party weekend, Loop has put together a list of must bring essentials.


So if you’re leaving out from Montego Bay, Mandeville or Kingston it is essential to bring music on your journey.

Music will help keep you entertained on your ride to the country  and it will also help get you pumped up for what promises to be a fun-filled weekend.


The majority of parties on the SPF weekend happen during the daytime, and we all know how piping hot the sun is, so grab a sunscreen that is SPF20 or up.  You can grab a bottle of sunscreen in your local pharmacy to prevent sun burn and skin damage. There are several pharmacies in Ocho Rios such as Great House Pharmacy, Ocho Rios  Pharmacy, Fontana Pharmacy and Delexis Pharmacy, which is attached to the Petcom gas station.


Ladies leave your heels behind, All of SPF parties’ will be held on pearly white sands at the beach. A good place to grab a cute pair is online at the Jamaica Sandals Company website


It’s a beach party, yes its super obvious that you should be rocking beachwear. It’s time to pull out the sexy bikinis and swim trunks, or elegant linen pants. Linen is great for the beach. For the ladies high waist bikinis are in as well as monokinis, remember bright colours and sun hats.

Toilette Paper

Here is an odd amenity that is a must- toilette paper. Walk with a little bit of toilette paper; you never know when it can be useful!


Enjoy SPF!

source – loopjamaica.com