Enjoy A Weekend Getaway On Providencia Island


The mountainous and forested island of Provedencia (Old Providence in English) is perhaps one of the best hidden gems of the Caribbean.  It has a relatively small population of about 5000 people. There are about a dozen small hotels and a glorious looking undeveloped landscape.


This area is reminiscence of the Caribbean of eras bygone. While most of the other Caribbean islands have become very commercialized sporting huge over prices resorts Columbia’s Provodencia has something totally different to offer.  A visit to this island will highlight how the Caribbean was before the dawn of mass tourism. This area is perfect for the traveler who wants a peaceful, friendly and relaxing place to just do nothing but enjoy the tranquility the area has to offer.


UNESCO has declared the island and its seas as the Sea Flower Biosphere Reserve in recognition of the island’s large natural biodiversity. Tourists who visit Providencia are greeted with pristine white sand beaches lapped by the peaceful Caribbean Sea. The island is also home to the world’s third largest barrier reef and is the perfect area for scuba diving.


As Columbia’s most idyllic island visitors can never be disappointed. This is the place to relax on beautiful beaches devoid of other people or snorkel with turtles you may even take a trek into the island’s rain-forest interior and learn about the island’s rich history. Be warned however once you get to Providencia you may not want to ever leave.