Estelle’s Sequin Obsession: From Stateside to Across The Pond, This Star Loves To Shine!


Estelle was recently snapped by the media celebrating the release of her album All of Me at Pure nightclub in Vegas this Tuesday March 6th 2012. Miss thing was ‘dressed in all black like the omen,’ featuring a pair of cute black sequins short shorts that we liked so much, we’d shopped it for you.

We couldn’t help but thinking, our London songbird has really come into her own quite nicely.  But we also couldn’t help but notice, ‘her own’ seems to involve a lot of sequins!  Sometimes sequins separates, or sometimes a sequins gown.  Sequins for partying at night, or sequins for a day about town.  And when it’s not sequined, it’s some sort of shimmery because Estelle loves to shine!