Last Sunday caught the Billboard-charted musician Etana in high gear as she played for scores at the United Kingdom’s flagship live music venue, The Wembley arena.

The massive venue, which seats more than 12,000, has hosted historic events, including The Olympics, sold-out concerts for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Britney Spears and Beyoncé. This event, dubbed The One Love Peace Reggae Festival, inspired by Bob Marley’s memorable 1978 concert in Kingston, also shares a similar purpose – the reduction of violence within inner-city communities. Etana shared the bill with other mainstream voices that promote non-violent music such as Shaggy, Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes, Abyssinians, Third World and John Holt.

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The songbird made her entrance to the grand stage with her hit song, with welcoming screams and excitement from the crowd.snaptube for pc She wasted no time before going into her UK chart topper, August Town, that was produced by London-based hit maker, Curtis Lynch. In true essence of the festival’s goal in uplifting the inner-city, the appropriate track, Roots was next. Staying within the theme, she went into a rendition of the honourable Jimmy Cliff’s, You Can Get It If You Really Want. Another cover that went over very well was Bob Marley’s, Is This Love. The climax for the British crowd came with her popular track,BlessingsPeople Talk and Warrior Love were also hits. Before exiting the stage, Etana had the audience asking for more and closed with I Am Not Afraid. The audience went into a frenzy as she went on to remix the track with Richie Spice’s, The Plane Land. Etana produced a well-rehearsed and exciting set.

Etana is travelling the globe making stops at more than seven of the world’s largest reggae festivals. This is a superb achievement, being the only female artiste in reggae music to have consistent appearances at events of paramount significance on the international scene throughout the year. The notable absentee at this year’s Reggae Sumfest had several engagements across Europe, on her mission as universal reggae ambassador.

The thrilled yet humble Etana has already hit jam packed summer spots in Norway, Sweden (Oland Roots Festival), Italy (Festa De Sole), Germany (Turn Up Festival), Switzerland (Reeds Festival) along with an up close and personal club show in the UK.