Fast Fashion Showdown: H&M Sues Forever 21

H&M is suing Forever 21 in what many in the fashion world are calling the most ironic lawsuit ever.

Claiming copyright infringement, unfair competition and trade dress infringement, H&M is calling out their fast fashion frenemy for knocking off their “Beach Please” canvas tote.

According to The Fashion Law, the tote in question was created by one of H&M’s in-house designers, and Forever 21 copied the tote design knowingly. In the lawsuit, H&M wants the court to order Forever to stop selling the bag immediately  to prevent ” confusion and/or association that Forever 21 is creating by selling the lookalike bag will cause irreparable injury to H&M and its reputation.”

H&M is also asking for F21 to pay up all the profits it has made from the sale of the bag.

So, H&M is upset that someone is copying their designs? They should ask Aeropostale, Carven and other brands that have filed suit against them how it feels. And that is not even the most ironic part of the whole lawsuit. H&M also called out Forever 21 for manufacturing clothes in China, something H&M also does.

Sadly, copyright infringement is a common occurrence in the fashion industry, as Mara Hoffman also just filed suit against TOMS for copying one of her trademark prints, brands like H&M, Forever 21 , Topshop and Zara have made a name for themselves copying the runways and bringing high fashion-inspired looks to millennials. Honestly, when it comes to shopping, both retailers usually carry almost the same inventory. We took a look around their fall fashion staples, and found way too many similarities to count!