First Lady Presents Best Picture At 85th Academy Awards In Naeem Khan Dress


The 85th Academy Awards has come and gone but it was one that was full of surprises. However, one of the most shocking was when it was revealed that the First Lady Michelle Obama would be presenting the award for “Best Picture” to “Argo.”

Although not physically at the Awards ceremony, the First Lady was a stunning sight to behold when Jack Nicholson introduced her via satellite video as his special presenting guest. Breaking away from the White House’s own Oscar Party, the First Lady wore a stunning Naeem Khan gown covered in zillions of silver beads that reflected in the camera lights.

Everything about Michelle was gleaming, from her shimmery metallic dress, to her diamond shaped drop earrings all paired with her infectious smile and immaculate bangs. Tell us what you think of the look!

Photo: Getty Images