Floyd Mayweather’s Controversial Defeat of Victor Ortiz


Rolling Out- Floyd Mayweather defeated WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz in a controversial match that sparked contrasting opinions from sports experts and boxing fans.

From the beginning of the highly anticipated fight, which was held at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas, Mayweather fought his typical fight by displaying solid defense and out punching Ortiz. Although Ortiz remained aggressive and hit Mayweather with several powerful punches, the 24-year-old could never find a successful rhythm. Through four rounds, Mayweather landed 73 total punches and Ortiz only landed 26.

Chaos ensued near the end of the fourth round. While hitting Mayweather with a flurry of punches, Ortiz head butted his opponent. Referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight and took a point away form Ortiz. Mayweather and Ortiz touched gloves twice. Afterwards, Cortez allowed the fight to resume. Ortiz touched  Mayweather’s gloves to apologize for a third time, but Mayweather surprised him with a left hook and a punch to the chin seconds later. Ortiz never recovered from Mayweather’s punches which were legal since the ref resumed the match.

Boxers are taught to protect themselves at all times. Ortiz broke a principal rule by dropping his hands and not paying attention to his opponent. However, others believe that Mayweather broke an unspoken rule by not allowing his opponent to clear before resuming the fight.

Mayweather suggested that he would give Ortiz a rematch, but most of the boxing public would like to see him fight Manny Pacquiao in 2012.

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Was Mayweather’s knockout a sucker punch, or did he capitalize off of a fair opportunity?