Gavin Douglas Fashion


Gavin Douglas has an incredible vision of what fashion and style mean. He will be appearing in this year’s Caribbean Fashion, so there is no better time to discuss his Fall/Winter 2013 Capsule Collection.

Black is Gavin’s color of choice for this collection. Every single piece, whether or not it is the same material, texture, or pattern is black. He was able to create such bold looks without having to add any pops of color. That is not a talent that just anyone possesses. It is clear he has an eye for style.

Gavin created a strapless little black dress (LBD) that could be worn on a night out or even to a wedding. If someone were to wear that dress to a wedding, they may even look better than the bride. The dresses Gavin has created have details added to them, which could make them appropriate for the office and then can switch right into an outfit perfect for going to get drinks with friends. His baby-doll dress just looks so perfect from the shoulders all the way to the bottom trimming. It seems like it would fit any body type just right. The diversity that Gavin’s garments possess shows how ahead of the fashion curve Gavin truly is.

The pants that Gavin produced are incredible. Not only do they look as though they fit the category of high fashion, but they look comfortable as well. If paired with any of Gavin’s shirts he designed for the collection that would be an outfit worth being photographed in.

Oversized coats have been an ongoing trend in past seasons, and Gavin continues to be right on trend. Layering them with any of his shirts and pairing them with the tuxedo pants he designed just makes the outfit even more amazing. The details on his coats are incredible as well. The coat might be black wool, but then there is a hint of a leather trim by the zipper, adding a bit more sophistication to the garment.

The piece that stands out the most is the oversized knit sweater. It is the perfect “chunky knit” for when the weather starts to become chilled. It is not too large to fit under a jacket, but still fits the term oversized. The sweater looks so comfortable, and the turtleneck line almost looks like a scarf. It can even be tucked into a skirt or paired with pants.

The hints of leather scene throughout the collection added an extra dose of fierceness to the line. Gavin continues to push the fashion boundaries with every line he creates. His collection can make any woman look and feel her best.