Get To Know the Real Leighton Meester!


You guys know about our deep love for Leighton Meester! We’ve been big fans of her ever since Gossip Girl and while we have huge crushes on her character, Blair Waldorf, we’ve really enjoyed getting to know Leighton beyond Blair!

As you guys know, Leighton has an amazing voice, she’s seriously such a talented singer! Leighton recently teamed up with the band, Check in the Dark, and has been working on creating a new sound for her debut album! Through HTC Status™ Summer Sessions, we’re given a glimpse into Leighton’s creative process and how she’s changing her music to reflect the person she is today.

If you want to get to know the real Leighton, you should definitely check out these summer sessions by visiting the HTC Status™ page!Leighton’s music is life changing!