Gregory Isaacs’ “The Love Box” 4-Disc Album Available Worldwide from Tad’s Records

Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs’ music lives on with a recently released four-disc album titled “The Love Box.” Tad’s Records released it on the international day of love, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013.

This is the first ever four-disc compilation by the artiste and the collection comprises 80 love songs, some of which were taken from the late singer’s own vault. This compilation is the result of collaboration between Tad’s Records and Isaacs’ own label, African Museum.

The set gives the ‘Cool Ruler,’ as he was called, an unparalleled place in reggae history, which is incomparable to none. The late crooner’s wife, June Isaacs, said of the album, “Gregory’s niche for reggae love songs was second nature to him. He had the knack for formulating lyrics that resonated with the emotions of the heart. African Museum takes great pleasure in collaborating with Tad’s Record to release this four-disc album, The Love Box. Relax, listen and enjoy or dance to smooth music from the original lover’s rock man, the crooner Gregory Isaacs – the Smokey Robinson of Jamaica.”

Mrs. Isaac’s further said, “African Museum will continue under the umbrella of The Gregory Isaacs Foundation. The release of The Love Box further cements the relationship between Tad’s Record and the Foundation, as we work towards the preservation of the music from this reggae icon.”

Tad’s Records has worked with Gregory Isaacs in the past first as a producer and now in the capacity of a distributor. President of the company Tad Dawkins said, “When we decided to release The Love Box, we knew it would be well-received by Gregory’s fans worldwide. Gregory Isaacs was an artist known for his ‘lovey dovey’ and smooth lyrics, which always had his fans craving for more. This four-disc box set sums up the exquisite talent of one of Jamaica’s greatest lover’s rock artist, and Tad’s Record considers it an honor to be affiliated with this project.”

The late reggae singer was born on July 15, 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica and died on October 25, 2010 at the age of 59, after a long battle with lung cancer. His music is known worldwide and he has released over 500 albums to date, many of which were compilations. “The Love Box” is however by far the largest one from the “Cool Ruler.”