Guide to St. Barth’s


St. Barths or St. Barthelmy is one of the few exclusive islands found in the Caribbean. The island offers a low key European sophistication. Often this island is where celebrities hang out, your neighbors are sunbathing topless or a famous movie star or magnate is at the waterfront bistro.


The island is a part of the French West Indies located north of the Lesser Antileles near to St. Martin/Maarten and St. Kitts/Nevis. It is approximately 8 square miles and has Gustavia as its capital. French is the language spoken but you will find persons who do speak English. The currency used is the Euro.


St. Barths boasts over 20 beaches ranging from bustling St. Jeans to the more private Flamands. For true seclusion, Anse Colombier can be reached by boat or via a half hour hike down a goat path. Topless sunbathing is allowed even on family friendly beaches, but public nudity is illegal.


The island has varied villas and hotels to choose from if you do vacation there.  Originally inhabited by the Carib Indians it was taken over by Europeans. During the 18th century, the Swedes made St. Barths one of its overseas outposts. However today other than the name of the capital Gustavia, few reminders of the Swedes remain.


How to Get there

The capital town Gustavia has an airport where many international flights arrive and depart daily.


When to go

Like most Caribbean islands, St. Barths has a tropical marine climate. The hurricane season runs from June-November yearly.