Halle Berry Wants Legal Ban Placed On Paparazzi from Celebrity Kids


Halle Berry is looking to take legal action against the paparazzi in regards to protecting celebrity children. The actress, who has had her fair share of run in’s with the paparazzi, is seeking help from her fellow famous pals to lobby for a legal ban against photographing famous kids for monetary gain.

A New York Post report claims that Berry has approached Oscar winner Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner, whose daughters whose images are often featured in gossip magazines.

Last year Berry lost a petition to move her daughter Nahla Aubry to France, where the anti-paparazzi laws are stronger than the United States. Ultimately, her ex Gabriel Aubry requested that petition be blocked.

In May last year the “Cloud Atlas” star was caught on tape in a verbal battle with a paparazzo who was trying to take photos of Nahla. Berry has vowed to take her case to President Obama if necessary. Paparazzi for many years become a necessary evil for some celebrities, helping them keep relevant while being caught in compromising and unflattering actions.

Photo: FanPop.com