Here’s How To Pick Your Fall Lipstick Color

Fall makeup looks often evoke a darker and deeper vibe, and with a much moodier palette, comes the challenge of finding a flattering lip color.

Yes, it may seem nearly impossible to find that complimenting shade. But there are ways to simplify the shopping process, while finding the color that works best for your tone. “Find your perfect shade easily by drawing inspiration from the weather outside and the fall colors you see everywhere,” Tati Westbrook, Birchbox Beauty Expert and Youtube Star told StyleBlazer. “The fall season is all about a matte lip with rich tones.”

And while we won’t deny that vampy and matte lips are fall beauty staples, it’s still worth mentioning that some shades and finishes can be too intense for everyday wear. To find a product that’s equally sexy and office friendly, Westbrook suggests wearing a neutral nude lip for instant glamour.

“If a vampy lip is a little too intimidating for you, go with a matte neutral,” she says. “Try selecting a shade with a cool undertone, as varying shades of beige are very in this season.”

But whether you choose a quirky plum or a seductive red, it’s important to keep your pout in good shape to pull of such dark colors. Flaking skin and dryness are a force to be reckoned with, so it’s important to exfoliate regularly, and use a hydrating lip balm whenever possible.

“You want to make sure your lips are in good condition,” explains Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director of Osmosis Colour Cosmetics. “Your skin is sensitive to climate changes and can peel easily, so any flakiness should be removed prior to a lipstick application.”