How Shirley Temple’s Curls Influenced The Fashion World


Today the entertainment world mourns the death of iconic actress, Shirley Temple Black who died in her Woodside, Calif home at the age of 85. Her acting career, which began in 1932, was an instant success up until she retired in 1963 at the age of 21.

Aside from her infectious smile and imprint on Hollywood, the beloved child star was best known for her beautiful curls. A fun fact about Temple is that her mother, Gertrude, styled her hair as a child for her films. While her hair had natural body, the defined curls were created with pins-curls that were held in place before taking to the set. At one point it was said that she had exactly 56 curls for each of her films.

Following the years immediately after the Depression, Temple was credited for bringing up the spirit of the country with her films– in addition to saving 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy. Her curls were only an indication of the whimsical time when films served as escapism to mass audiences.

Decades later, people are still rocking Temple’s curls because they invoke a sense of innocence and excitement. The fashion world still embraces the look on runways, photo shoots and celebrity red carpets. Nearly everyone, from Rihanna to Cara Delevigne have worn loose ringlets.

The look is here to stay and we can thank Temple for making them timeless.