International Reggae / Roger Steffens Museum to be erected in Nine Mile, St. Ann


The Roger Steffens’ Archive /International Reggae Museum “Kickstarter Project” was launched on ”” yesterday January 22, 2013 for acquisition of The Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archive, the largest single collection of Reggae artifacts in the world and the establishment of the International Reggae Museum in Jamaica.

Dual National, Chazz P.Morris, the visionary behind this exciting initiative, announced the launch of the “Kickstarter Project” to acquire the largest single collection of Reggae artifacts in the world from the internationally renowned Roger Steffens. With this acquisition plans are to erect The International Reggae Museum in Nine Mile District, St. Ann, Jamaica. The total value of the the Archive is $3,000,000 US dollars (three million), based on the appraisal given by Robert Santelli, Chairman of the Grammy Museum. The funding/budget will be used to not only acquire the collection but will contribute to the establishment/setting up of the ‘International Reggae Museum’ in Jamaica which will house the Steffen’s collection and other material.

“We must reach our target to make this project a reality because if we don’t, all pledges will be returned and we won’t get to take this extraordinary collection home to Jamaica,” says Chazz, adding: “this acquisition has been a long time coming and now the opportunity is here to preserve the history of Reggae Music by acquiring this one of a kind collection.”

The Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archive highlights in great detail the career of Bob Marley and the Wailers, featuring Steffens’ definitive collection of their recordings and a massive display of autographed singles from all stages of their careers. In addition, hundreds of Jamaican artists will be showcased along with detailed information about their work. In this manner, the story of those who took Reggae from its small island roots and transformed it into a global culture is traced. Priceless artifacts tell the half that’s never been told; a living history celebrating Jamaica’s musical creativity.

Included in the collections are hundreds of autographed album covers and rare singles, one of a kind Marley treasures, posters from around the world, original photographs, fliers, T-shirts, post cards, magazines, books, banners, buttons, and scores of other memorabilia from Reggae’s most famous figures including a section devoted to its Spiritual head Emperor Haile Selassie.

The contents display a visual and sonic experience that begins with Mento, and the birth of Ska in the early sixties and moves through the era of Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub, DJ(Rap), Lovers Rock, Two-Tone, and Ska Revival, Dub Poetry, and up through the present ascendancy of Dancehall and Raggamuffin.

Other items of interest include over six thousand separate and framed Archive items presently being cared for and exhibited in California filling 12 rooms of a two story building there. Also included is the late Geoffrey Cooper’s Collection, who was chief audio engineer for NBC, with some of the most outstanding quality master recordings and extremely rare first pressings, including every year of Sunsplash from 1982 through 1988; seven years of unreleased, priceless tapes of these historic concerts. Cooper also bequeathed 500 albums and 600 singles, a significant addition to the Steffens’ Archives.