Intimate Photo Of The Kimye Wedding Released

It feels like we’ve seen just about every aspect of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Florence, Italy wedding. But there’s more.

E! News released an intimate photo of the couple at the alter on Thursday that will blow you away. They hold hands while Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. stands by and Andrea Bocelli sings. The opera talent was a surprise for Kim, as he’s her favorite singer. “My dad loved him too,” she told E!.
“I felt like I was walking down the aisle with my dad as he sang.”
Looking happier than we’ve ever seen him, West was smiling ear-to-ear at his wife-to-be.

According to their report:

Andrea Bocelli serenaded the couple with several songs, including one of his biggest hits, “Con te partirò,” which in English translates into “With you I will leave.” Which in layman’s terms can be further translated into: “I’ll be with you forever.”
The superstar tenor also sang “Ave Maria” as a surprised Kim walked down the aisle, her last few steps before becoming Mrs. West.

Their beautiful ceremony was boarded with two walls of roses, hydrangeas and peonies, which Kim received for Mother’s Day weeks before in addition to a marble piano and fire works. “It was emotionally, so spectacular,” Kris Jenner told E!. “He just wanted to make her happy.”

More details and scenes from the wedding will show on the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” at 9 EST June 8.

Courtesy: E! News