Is Chris Brown Upset About Frank Ocean’s Grammy Win?


It was clear to anyone attending the Grammy Awards ceremony last night that all is still not well between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. Frank last night took home the Grammy for Urban Contemporary Album for “Channel Orange” beating out nemesis Chris Brown.

The most surprising part that had tongues wagging that all was still not well between the R&B superstars was the fact that Brown was the only person in the audience who did not stand and cheer when Ocean’s name was announced as the winner.

Fans took to Twitter following the announcement. One tweet read, “Chris Brown was the only one who didn’t stand up when Frank Ocean won lol,” while another described the incident as, “#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Chris Brown doesn’t stand up when Frank Ocean beats him.”

Ocean and Brown had a falling out last month following an altercation which resulted in a scuffle at a L.A recording studio, allegedly over parking space and the fact that Ocean did not shake Brown’s hand. Investigators are still looking into the assault case and a sheriff spokesman said they will speak with Frank before officially closing the case. However, it is unlikely that charges will be pursued against Chris. This also comes after recent revelations by Frank that homophobic slurs were aimed at him during the scuffle.

Official police documents claim that Frank refused to shake Chris’ hand in the parking lot of an L.A recording studio which resulted in Chris punching him in the face. Ocean adds that two members of Chris entourage joined Chris in the beatdown and at some point, Frank said someone yelled “F—-t!” at him.

Photo: Buzzfeed