Is Social Media Killing Our Social Lives?


We’ve all seen and/or done it. You’re out at an event and it’s lit, but most people are either on their phones texting, checking their timelines, taking photos pretending to have fun, or recording the events taking place right in front of them.

The consensus now is if it wasn’t tweeted, Periscoped, Snapchatted, Instagrammed, or at the very least posted to Facebook, then it didn’t really happen. But one has to wonder: Is this the downfall of nightlife for Millennials? Are we so focused on documenting the most enjoyable moments of our lives that we are actually missing out on them?

Social media, much like every other advancement in technology has its pros and cons. It’s easy to keep in touch, we are much more exposed to people from different cultures and lifestyles than ever before, and information can be disseminated in real time. However, the speed with which we are able to document our lives takes away from the true experience of actually living it.

Here are six of the horrible things that happen because of social media.
You’re Not Present In The Moment
There is a reason why you gave over your first born child to afford those Beyoncé tickets. It’s so that YOU could be there in the flesh. If you want to experience life’s most joyous occasions through your phone, then why not just stay home and stalk the hashtag like everyone else?

You Feel Like A Pseudo Celebrity
We all have that one friend who posts the most embarrassing things on social media. Either you look terrible in the group photo, or they catch you mid-twerk at a party and post it for the world to see. The immediacy of photos and videos limits the freedom with which you can let loose with friends for fear that your good time may be exposed to the masses.

Big Brother Is Watching
CNN Money reports that according to the recruiting platform Jobvite, 93 percent of hiring managers will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. Although there are ways to skirt this, like making your profiles private, have you considered what would happen if somehow they were able to still view your random drunk posts? As we all know Facebook changes its privacy policy often. This eliminates the ability to really speak freely on these social platforms. I suppose we will have to resort to sharing our controversial thoughts and opinions with only our friends and family. You know, the people who actually care.

Lowered Self Esteem
It starts off so innocently. One moment you’re wondering what North West is up to these days, and the next minute you feel horribly inadequate because your life isn’t as cool as hers. Never mind that she’s a toddler. Her wardrobe is killing yours and she has more passport stamps than you… and she’s a toddler. We find ourselves comparing our real lives to these expertly curated photos that are snapshots of the best parts of a person’s life. You aren’t seeing any of the bad things they’ve encountered that day, so you think their life is so much better than yours. The false reality we are able to create on social media via filters and great lighting is just that, a false reality. Additionally, our sense of self worth becomes tied to numbers. If you don’t get a certain amount of likes within a certain amount of time, then your ego is bruised.

Dating Is That Much More Difficult
The ability to go look at a person’s life summed up in photos and posts seems like a good idea until you realize that, that cannot possibly encompass the totality of who a person truly is. Some people feel less inclined to organically get to know someone in more traditional ways, because of the immediacy with which we feel we can get to know someone via social media. This instant gratification also makes us less likely invest in people. We have access to everything so quickly that anything that takes actual time like oh say a relationship just seems like more trouble than it’s worth.
We Spend Way More Money On Clothes
For some reason a lot of us feel that once an outfit is posted to our profile it can never be worn again. With that being said, some of us will go out and buy a new outfit just to have something new and fresh to post. Newsflash: you are not a celebrity and it is not necessary to pop tags every time you go out or want to post a photo. Even if you do feel that way, just don’t post a pic, gasp!