Islandista Shala Monroque Covers New York Magazine



Islandista trendsetter Shala Monroque is on the cover of New York Magazine’s fall fashion issue.

The St. Lucian ‘it girl’ and former editor at large for Pop magazine is being hailed by the magazine as a style icon on one of its four fall issue covers.

On the inside, Monroque speaks about her childhood growing up in St. Lucia, where she first developed her interest in fashion and her distinctive, 50s-inspired style.

Monroque’s mother ran a gift shop at a hotel, and she brought her daughter copies of the Vogue and Tatler magazines that the shop couldn’t sell, usually tearing off the front covers so that they could be sent back to the publishers for reimbursement. She was also close with her aunt, who made trips to New York’s garment district every few months to buy copies of high-fashion American clothes for Trendy’s, a boutique she ran on the island. “I always loved dressing and had the newest things, but I always had the fifties ideas,” says Monroque. “Once, my mom bought me a dress with a tie around the waist, trying to tie it in my front, but I wanted to tie it in the back.”

She also expresses a sentiment that may seem familiar to many islandistas living ‘up north’, in talking about walking the dogs on the beach near the home in the Hamptons which she shares with her art dealer beau Larry Gagosian:

I like to walk them on the ocean, though I don’t always go in the sea. When everyone in the Hamptons says, ‘The water’s so warm today,’ it’s still too cold for me.”