#IWD2017: Trump declares his ‘tremendous respect’ for women

Donald Trump, whose presidential battle was almost wrecked by inappropriate behavior charges and his gloats about grabbing ladies, tweeted Wednesday — International Women’s Day — that he had “colossal regard” for ladies.

“I have huge regard for ladies and the numerous parts they serve that are crucial to the texture of our general public and our economy,” Trump composed on Twitter.

He later included: “On International Women’s Day, go along with me in regarding the basic part of ladies here in America and around the globe.”
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There were a large number of reactions to Trump’s tweet, the greater part of them condemning the president for the way his social insurance and movement strategies influence ladies and families.

“@realDonaldTrump don’t torque ladies and their youngsters separated at the outskirt. End the campaign against ladies’ medicinal services,” composed @MariaMelee.

“There’s not confirmation of #45’s regard for ladies,” composed a lady by the handle of BintibirdC. “Ladies are props and items for him. That is all.”

Trump confronted a spate of sexual offense allegations in the weeks paving the way to the race. He denied any wrongdoing and promised to sue the more than twelve ladies behind the cases, albeit no claim had been recorded yet.

A large number of the charges came after a 2005 tape of Trump boasting about snatching ladies “by the p****” surfaced toward the beginning of October.

Trump asserted that his taped remarks were “locker-room talk,” and reviled the sex attack affirmations as untruths and manufactured stories.

The comment prompted to weaved pink tops with feline ears getting to be distinctly one of the fundamental images of gigantic ladies drove hostile to Trump encourages crosswise over US urban communities the day after the president’s initiation in January.

A few people reacted to Trump’s messages on Wednesday by tweeting the full content of the president’s rough comments in the 2005 video, while others tweeted connections to news stories about the video.


Source: Jamaica Observer