Jackson Family Reject’s Debbie Rowe Being Appointed As Paris Jackson’s Guardian


Although much bonding has been going on between Paris Jackson and her birth mother Debbie Rowe, the Jackson family is not quite ready for Rowe to play a more active role in the troubled teen’s life.


Rowe had reportedly expressed an interest in taking over the role as her teen daughter’s legal guardian from Katherine and TJ Jackson, who currently hold the role. However the Jackson family has made it absolutely clear that they will fight her “tooth and nail” if she tried.


According to media reports a judge is currently looking into the welfare of the teen after her suicide attempt last week. Reports are that T.J is a marginal figure in the lives of Michael Jackson’s three children because of the responsibilities and obligations he has with his own wife and children, there are also indications that Paris feels disconnected from her aging grandmother.


For the past few weeks Paris seems to have formed a bond with her birth mother and was said to even have plans to spend the summer with her. Michael Jackson’s only daughter is currently receiving treatment at  UCLA Medical Center the same place her father was pronounced dead in 2009.