Jamaican model turned DJ lands No.1 song in South Africa



The Rudimentals is a reggae band, based in Cape Town, South Africa that currently holds the number one single on the South African charts.

The single is titled Sound Boy Killa.

Marlon Cotterell, a Jamaican model is a lead singer in the band. He is the only Jamaican in the nine-member group.

Known also as Khaos, he hails from Cooreville Gardens in Kingston where he built a studio as a young boy and worked on music as his first love.

After leaving Meadowbrook High School, he went to Saint International where his modelling career began. His modelling career took him to South Africa, where he is now based.

His love for music has always burned passionately and when the opportunity was presented to him to join The Rudimentals, he took his chance.

As the only Jamaican in the group, he helps to bring the original flavour of Jamaica and reggae music to the already successful band.

Though he now enjoys success in music with the new number one single, Cotterell credits fashion for giving him his big break and wants to help other Jamaicans.

In a recent conversation with Loop, Cotterell said his agency is gearing up to sign one male and one female model from Jamaica.

He’s passionate about his homeland and wants to help others to experience the world as he has and achieve international success.

When asked to give advice to those aspiring models who may be excited about these new plans, the acclaimed model emphasized the work ethic needed to succeed.

“Be prepared to work hard,” Cotterell warned.

He further said, “learn to take rejection well as there will be a lot of rejections in this business. The sooner you let it go and move on, the easier it will be.

“Have a sense of presence about yourself. Know how to command a room and emanate confidence. This will help you to book jobs.”

Cottrell is comfortable living in South Africa.

“It is awesome. I am in Cape Town, which is on the Southern tip of the continent. It is a diverse culture as there are a lot of people from Europe, America and the Western world but racism is still a problem here as it is a fairly young nation, being only 21 years since the apartheid was broken.”

Source: http://www.loopjamaica.com