Joseph Turvey For River Island Updates The Camo Look For Men


Camo has always been regarded as the print for the guy’s guy. These are the men who are lowkey enough to blend in to the crowd but maintain their cool while maneuvering the fashion jungle with ease.

Now, with an updated look that is more in touch with its feminine side, what was once an almost neutral print is now as outspoken as ever in pink, grey and green tones for River Island’s Design Forum Initiative Spring/Summer ’14 collection by Joseph Turvey. Who said men can’t wear pink?

The collection is strictly sportswear but it’s driven by the playful pink camouflage theme which appears on high top sneakers, matching jersey sets and knit sweaters. There is something for everyone who wants to make a statement but stick with classic men’s sportswear pieces.

When speaking on what inspired this collection Turvey says,“The starting point was the work of Jamel Shabazz; in particular his documentary entitled planet B-boy. This inspired the fabrications, colour and silhouettes. At the time I was also reading about blind hiker Bill Irwin, who completed trails with the help of his dog. This heavily influenced my illustration and print work. I enjoy working across different genres and juxtaposing concepts so was keen to embed that in to this collection.”

Joseph Turvey was one of the “Ones to Watch” at LFW’s Menswear Day and Vauxhall Fashion Scout in the UK. His 16-piece collection is now available at River Island’s website.