Journey to Rarotonga and The Cook Islands!!


If you have ever envisioned yourself escaping to a remote desert island then Cook Islands in the South Pacific is the place for you. This group of 15 fascinating islands is far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The largest island Rarotonga is the most bewitching of this island chain with craggy mountains, and glorious white sand beaches. Other islands of interest are Aitutaki, Aitu, Mitiaro and Mangaia. Traditional Polynesian culture is rich in the Cook Islands.


Getting there and Around

The Cook Islands is far away from anywhere and getting there may be tricky. It is often included as an optional stopover to and from New Zealand.  You may also include a stopover there at the end of a round-the-world ticket. All visitors arriving in the Cooks need an onward air ticket (or a yacht-owner’s guarantee that they will be departing on the same boat they arrived on).

All visitors to the island are required to have a valid passport for the duration of their visit.


When to Go and Weather

The Cook Islands are a great destination spot all year round with temperatures ranging from 18°C and 28°C in the winter months (May to October) and 21°C and 29°C during the summer (November to April). The Cook Islands have a pleasantly even climate year-round, with no excesses of temperature or humidity, although it can rain quite often.