Justin Bieber’s Car Involved in Hit and Run Incident


Justin Bieber’s chrome Fisker Karma was reportedly involved in an incident recently, which left the front end of the car as well as two cement poles badly damaged. The incident happened after Bieber reportedly loaned his car to BFF Lil Twist while he was away in London.

The young money star reportedly smashed the car after it crashed into two cement poles guarding a San Francisco Valley liquor store on Tuesday evening. Reports are that either Twist or of the passengers in the car told an eyewitness, “Do you know whose car this is? It’s Justin Bieber’s car.”

According to reports, Twist and his friends retrieved the scraps of the car and boarded a waiting BMW leaving Justin’s car behind. It is illegal in California to leave the scene of an auto accident. This is just the most recent in a series of accidents involving one of Bieber’s cars and a friend behind the wheels.

His Ferrari was damaged at the Four Season Hotel parking lot New Year’s Day while trying to avoid paparazzi. One of the photogs died in that incident.

Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images