Kanye West Defends Drake’s Rolling Stone Interview

Kanye West dedicated a portion of his February 15 show on the Yeezus tour to Drake. The outspoken rapper broke his silence on Drake’s recent Rolling Stone interview, during which the Nothing Was the Same rapper appeared to call out some of West’s provocative lyrics.

“It’s always them magazines trying to pit n****s against one another. That’s not happening here tonight. We love Drake,” Yeezy told the crowd in Newark, New Jersey.

West also talked about Macklemore’s controversial Grammys win, implying not-so-subtley that politics may have been behind his nominations — and Kanye’s lack of them. “Macklemore know what it is, he tried, he made some good music, he’s a good kid, but y’all know what it is,” said Kanye. “Giving me two nominations is like giving a waiter a two dollar tip, Macklemore know what it is.”

It wouldn’t be a Kanye West show without a soapbox moment, and this one seemed pretty tame compared to some of Yeezy’s more infamous rants.