Kevin Clash Sued Again


Just months after settling two lawsuits, Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has been accused again with acts of sexual molestation.

Sheldon Stephens had first come forward against Clash in November 2012, and accused the Sesame Street voice actor of having sexual relations with him when he was 16-years-old. Clash however, denied the claim and admitted to an adult and consensual relationship with Stephens. Clash settled the claim with Stephens and two other accusers. A week later, Stephens decided to pursue the matter in court.

In the lawsuit against Clash, Stephens stated that Clash used crystal meth and “poppers” (club drugs usually used to enhance a sexual experience) before engaging in sexual acts with him when he was a teenager. Stephens, now 24, claimed that 52-year-old Clash took advantage of his age and manipulated him.

He also said that watching Sesame Street with his young nieces provoked him to take action against Clash. Stephens realized his nieces were “idolizing” Clash’s character.

Clash’s attorney Michael Berger released a statement saying, “The plaintiff has already admitted in writing that he had ‘an adult consensual relationship’ with Mr. Clash,” and “Mr. Clash continues to deny any wrong doing.”