KKK planning a protest to keep Confederate flag in South Carolina


Members of the Klan have acquired a permit allowing them to assemble a rally of one to two hundred people to protest on July 18.

The protest will come a month and a day after the shooting massacre in Charleston by a young white supremacist which left nine people dead. Following the incident, there were urgent calls to take down the Confederate flag, a symbol that has long been affiliated with racism and white supremacy.

“We will be standing up for our Confederate history and all the Southerners who fought and died against federal tyranny,” according to a recording from one of the arms in North Carolina.

The message also accused government officials of trying “to erase white culture and our heritage right out of the history books.”

The South Carolina governor has come out in favour of lowering the flag but it would require the vote of the state legislature before it is taken down.

The flag has already been taken down in Alabama and many retailers have removed all products featuring the image of the Confederate flag from their stores.

source – loopjamaica.com

image – loopjamaica.com