LA FÊTE – French-Thai Cultural Festival


From 2 February to 29 March 2012, the Embassy of France in Thailand is organizing LA FÊTE for the eighth time in nine years. Over a period of nine weeks, more than 20 cultural and artistic events will be presented, mostly French, but Thai as well, covering most fields of creativity.

Bangkok remains central in LA FÊTE, but six other Thai cities will also host parts of its very rich program: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Khon Kaen, and Phuket.

LA FÊTE is well-known for its inventive programming and its many free events. It has become an eagerly anticipated cultural appointment every year, and is now very popular in Thailand. In 2011, over 300,000 people attended at least one event or more; the 2012 edition promises to be just as full of discoveries and emotions!

This year, LA FÊTE will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Alliance française de Bangkok, founded in 1912, co-organizer of the Festival.

The 2012 edition will alternatively present classical, contemporary, and avant-garde events that commemorate the past, as well as celebrate the future of the Franco-Thai institution. The program features new circus, classical music, rock concerts, DJ, modern dance, hip-hop, visual theater, photography, cinema, fashion. There will be something for everyone.

Lounge music lovers can experience LA FÊTE’s first electro-music aperitif in the gardens of Issaya Siamese Club with the DJ from the trendy Parisian boutique Colette (February 18).

Three very visual shows should fully satisfy lovers of creativity and innovation: ‘Ieto’ at Chulalongkorn Sodsai Center (February 9-10); ‘Stereoptik’ at the brand new Sofitel SO Bangkok (February 22-23); and ‘Cinematique’ at Sodsai Chula (March 2-3).

For dance lovers, the last representations by the most famous Franco-Thai duet, Pichet Klunchun and Jerome Bel, are a must (February 20-21 at Sodsai Chula and February 25 at Vic Hua Hin), as is ‘La danse, une histoire à ma façon’ by Dominique Boivin, one of French contemporary dance’s biggest success, at Patravadi Theater (March 9-10).

Film buffs should also be happy with the French Film Festival at SF World Cinema at CentralWorld (March 9-18).