Lets Visit Barcelona!


The city of Barcelona is set on a gentle rising plain from the sea to a range of wooded hills. As Spain’s most cosmopolitan city and one of the Mediterranean’s busiest ports, it sees thousands of visitors on a yearly basis.

There are a myriad of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from and of course the gorgeous seaside in the summer.


Although the area may seem hedonistic, it is a hardworking and dynamic city hoping to place itself in the frontline of the 21st century.  It has a long and rich past; from Roman town it passed its medieval trade juggernaut, it features some of the finest Gothic architecture in Europe.


Since the 19th century, the city of Barcelona has been breaking ground in art, architecture and style, from Picasso to the likes of Susana Solano. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, which is a region seeped with its own language, character and a rich history. Most Catalans consider their home as a separate country. The city alone could keep you occupied for weeks, but just outside it you will find sandy beaches.


The area around present day Barcelona was inhabited prior to the arrival of the Romans in Catalonia about 218 BC, however by whom and whether or not there was an urban nucleus is unclear. Coins found in the area indicate that the Iberian Laietani tribe may have settled there. As far back as 35,000 BC, the tribe’s Stone Age predecessors had roamed the Pyrenees and began their descent into the lowlands to the south.


When To Go


Barcelona is a year-round destination and is ideal for long weekends or even a six-month sabbatical. Many travelers associate Barcelona with the summer sun, however August would be a poor choice as the city broils and is overrun with tourists. It is best to visit around mid-June or September. January to February is also a good choice if beach time is not a priority to you. Rainfall is highest in Fall and Winter.