Lighting Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Modern lighting design offers a wide range of products for decorating living rooms. From glamorous chandeliers to minimalistic and functional lighting fixtures, there are many choices for contemporary home lighting. Being the center of family life, the living room often includes different areas such as a dining table and a lounge area with more comfortable furniture. Therefore, the perfect illumination of a living room has to complete various tasks.

For achieving a general lighting inside the living room, ceiling lights are needed. But for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, several additional light sources are more helpful. Providing effect and mood lighting, those light sources might include elegant wall sconce, floor or table lamps. Following contemporary lighting design trends, the decorative function of illumination is into the spotlight. The following lighting design ideas might be a perfect choice for adding eye-catchers to your living rooms’ interior design.

Top 3 Lighting Design Ideas For Living Rooms

Pendant lights are in vogue! As they are offered in various shapes, sizes and colors, modern lighting design options seem to be endless. Furthermore, pendant lighting is very flexible in use. It illuminates areas brightly and at the same time it contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the room. The Fucsia 12 suspension lamp is just one example for exclusive home lighting. Designed by Achille Castiglioni, an Italian designer working for Flos, it consists of transparent conical lampshades and is particularly suitable for the illumination of dining tables.

Apart from pendant lights, chandeliers remain to be popular. They are a favorable alternative for modern interior design with a classy note. Having a look at the offers of Italian lighting manufacturers, there is a wide range of chandeliers in contemporary design. Aureliano Toso Illuminazione not only belongs to the finest, but also to the oldest lighting manufacturers in Italy. As the company offers a great variety of chandeliers, consumers will be able to find an eye-catcher for their homes. With the Euphoria chandelier, designed by Archirivolto, the company combines the traditional look of chandeliers from their period of prosperity with a modern design approach. The chandelier is made of chromed metal and distributes the light through handmade glass elements.





The lighting manufacturer Catellani & Smith is very well known for colorful design lights. One of its most famous lighting series is named PostKrisi and includes a variety of lights for ceilings and walls. As elegant wall sconce very much contribute to the warm lighting ambiance of a room, they are frequently used in lounge areas. The PostKrisi 0071 S light with its sophisticated appearance is especially recommendable for large rooms and will not only be of use in cold winter days.