Lil Flip Arrested!


Houston MC Lil Flip was placed under arrest in Louisiana on Wednesday morning after a routine traffic stop for driving over the speed limit turned up drugs and an assault rifle.


Lil Flip, born Wesley Eric Weston was reportedly driving 86 mph in a 755 mph zone in the Desoto Parish of Shreveport, Louisiana when he was pulled over by cops for speeding. The vehicle he was in was searched and marijuana and an illegally owned Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle were found.


Both Weston and Olanza Saunders who was traveling with him were arrested and charged.  Saunders was later freed on $25,000 bond while Lil Flip is still behind bars with his bond set at $355,000.


Lil Flip last released an album ‘Ahead of My Time’ in 2010.