Living the art of possibility


Let’s create a South Africa that works for all.’ This is what Symphonia for South Africa, an NPO [nonprofit organization] with a mission to strengthen the fabric of South African society, aspires to for the country and its citizens. The distribution of the brand new DVD South Africa—Alive with Possibility, is one of the projects Symphonia for South Africa uses to mobilise citizens and communities to become actively involved in creating a country where everyone is a winner.

The DVD aims to make each person realise that they make a valuable contribution in creating a country that works for all. That South Africa is ‘Alive with possibility’ is something that we all subscribe to but only by changing attitudes and perceptions can we achieve change.

This groundbreaking DVD shows the viewer that by choosing to have a positive approach, by focusing our attention on the possibility in each situation rather than the negative challenges, everyone has the opportunity to be a successful and contributing citizen and change the country.

Based on the model of ‘possibility thinking’ developed by world renowned transformational speakers Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, CEO of Symphonia for South Africa, Louise van Rhyn has taken this model and further applied it to South Africa.

Benjamin and Rosamund Zander made themselves available as ‘instruments of possibility’ and, by creatively using footage that includes their successful 2008 South African tour, the viewer is presented with inspirational presentations, workshops, meetings and musical events. In this entertaining yet highly meaningful way the DVD ignites enthusiasm and hope.

The message is clear: it is impossible for human beings to think creatively when in a state of fear and by making different choices about what we focus on and what we talk about we can create a South Africa that works for all.

The plan is to sell the DVD to corporate organisations which will fund the distribution of more copies to NPOs and government institutions. Symphonia for South Africa wants to bring the message of transformation, through possibility thinking, to as many people as possible.

Symphonia CEO Louise van Rhyn explains: ‘The message of the DVD reminds South Africans that this is indeed a country that is alive with possibility. We sometimes forget this as we are bombarded by downward spiral stories everywhere we look. This DVD reminds us that the people in South Africa make this a special place. We can choose moment by moment whether we are going to continue to focus on what is NOT working (and get more depressed and disillusioned) or whether we are going to enrol others in a conversation of possibility.’

Symphonia for South Africa sees the DVD as a catalyst for conversation. ‘The hope is that it will be shown in classrooms, boardrooms, school halls, community centres, police stations—wherever citizens gather,’ Louise says. ‘In doing so, this will create the space for groups of people to have a conversation about their role in creating a country that works for all. People who have seen the DVD say that they have been inspired to think differently. It gave them hope for the future and helped them to see what they could do.’