Ludacris Inks Headphone Deal with Tim Tebow


Rap star Ludacris had raised the profile of his custom “Soul” headphone line after signing NFL superstar Tim Tebow.


Soul Electronics, Ludacris’ company, is in charge of producing and marketing the new SL300 line, which will be endorsed by Tim Tebow, currently the Quarterback for the New York Jets.


Tim Tebow says his SL300 headphones with Ludacris will differ from other brands on the market, because his are developed specifically for athletes and the rigors of training. Tebow said: “So many headphones can feel good and sound great but when you’re warming up, they fall off and that is a big distraction. We came up with these ‘Combat’ models to help you keep that focus.”


Tebow is aiming for the middle-America market with his headphone line, which was announced on Thursday.