Ludacris Talks Life After Welcoming Daughter Cadence


Ludacris has been enjoying fatherhood all over again with the arrival of his first child with wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue

“I want to thank everybody for your well-wishes on the new baby and, of course, my marriage. I wear this as a badge of honor! So shout out to the fans and all the overwhelming support from the followers and everybody,” Ludacris said. “And yes, I am up every three hours with the baby. But in the meantime and in between times, I’m still working. This what I gotta do. I work. I work hard. I got people working with me. I’m here to let ya’ll know, man, the work doesn’t stop.”

Ludacris and Eudoxie welcomed little Cadence Gaëlle into the world last week and, despite the sleep deprivation, Luda said that this has motivated him to keep working even harder. This is his wife’s first child, but Luda has just added a third daughter to his growing brood.

“As soon as you continue to build the family and continue to have more offspring, all it makes you want to do is work harder, get more money and ensure nothing but great success for everybody. So, love ya’ll. Thank you for the support. And I’ll continue working hard on behalf of not only my family, but yours, too.”


source – BET.COM  image – BET.COM