Marvin Gaye’s Ex-Wife Wants To Halt Plans For A Biopic

Janis Hunter, the ex-wife of iconic R&B star Marvin Gaye, is attempting to halt production of a film and a stage play about the legendary star.

It has been thirty years since the singer’s death and the race to complete a biopic on his life story is heating up. Reports indicate that actors Lenny Kravitz, Jesse L. Marton and Terrence Howard are rumored to be committed to various Gaye productions. Shooting on one of the films is slated to begin the end of this month.

However his ex, Hunter, who was married to Gaye from 1977-1981 and is the mother of his two children told New York Daily News, “I don’t think Marvin is a very happy spirit right now. This is the last thing he would have wanted to happen.”

Kravitz who was officially cast to be the late singer, bowed out of one of the biopic earlier this month and was replaced by Jesse L. Martin. The film is being directed by Julien Temple.

A play based on Gaye’s sister, Zeola Gaye’s biographical account of her late brothers life is set to take the stage. Hunter said of the play, “I haven’t read the script, but [the book] was very difficult to read,” She continues. “Some of the characterizations, like saying Marvin’s father killing him was a ‘mercy killing,’ you can only imagine how that makes the kids feel,” she says, referring to her and Marvin’s two adult children, both in their thirties. “It makes me feel bad enough.”

Hunter remarked that Gaye’s later years were dark, and had desire to relive them. Last month Terrence Howard revealed that he too was slated to play Gaye in a pair of projects, however he did not specify which one.

Photo: Motown