Master P’s Ex-Wife Empties His Pockets


Sonya Miller just scored a huge win against her ex-husband Master P in divorce court, TMZ reports. A judge ordered the rapper to cut his ex a massive check every month, to the tune of $27,047 in spousal support and child support. P. Miller has also been ordered to pay over $200,000 of Sonya’s legal fees after their lengthy court battle.

But that’s not all. Percy will also have to hand over the keys to the couple’s Calabasas, California, mansion to Sonya after he previously tried to lock her out of the home because he didn’t like that she was “partying” there with her new boyfriend. A judge has ruled that Sonya has the exclusive right to live on the property, meaning Ice Cream Man may be the one standing outside trying to get in.

Of course, these terms are temporary and the Millers are undoubtedly lawyering up to fight things out in court. The couple was married for 23 years before Sonya filed for divorce in 2013, and have been estranged ever since.