Mayweather stripped of WBO title

Floyd Mayweather has been stripped of the WBO welterweight title he won against Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather missed Friday’s deadline to pay a $200,000 sanction fee to the WBO and a committee voted to strip the 38-year-old of the title.

Timothy Bradley Jnr is expected to be crowned champion after he controversially beat Jessie Vargas for the interim title last month.

Mayweather still has 14 days to appeal.

“The WBO world championship committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr Floyd Mayweather Jnr as the WBO welterweight champion of the world and vacate his title for failing to comply with our WBO regulations of world championship contests,’ the WBO said on Monday.

‘The WBO has the utmost respect for Floyd Mayweather Jnr and all that he has accomplished during his storied career. Mr Mayweather has always agreed with and understood that world championships have both privileges and responsibilities and that status as WBO champion is subject to and conditioned on compliance with the WBO rules and regulations.”
Mayweather is still welterweight and super-welterweight champion for the WBC and WBA,

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