Mexico Celebrates as World Survives Mayan “Apocalypse” Predictions


Tourist and natives alike yesterday celebrated in the shadows of ancient Mayan pyramids in south east Mexico yesterday as the earth survived a day that was seen according to doomsday theorists as the end of the world.

A wide sect of persons including alternative lifestyle gurus and curious onlookers from all over the world made a pilgrimage to the ruins of the Maya city to mark the closure of 13th bak’tun ( a period of around 400 years on a Maya Long Calendar).


While dismissing claims of a myth that the Mayans had predicted some form of apocalypse on December 21 2012 they celebrated what is hoped to be the start of a new and better era for all humanity. After the sun rose and the world still spun, the visitors took to the Mayan ruins and offered thanks.

Julian Bolt 33, a radio show host from North Carolina who brought a large quartz to “download” energy from the sacred spot said, ‘It is a transformation, the dawning of the age of Aquarius,’

For many years now the end of the 13th bak’tun in the 55,1255 year old Mayan calendar has sparked much fear around the world that great catastrophes laid in store.