Miss World Beauty Contestants Forgoes Wearing Tiny Bikinis for This Year’s Pageant!


The contestants in this year’s Miss World Beauty Pageant will be forgoing the usual skimpy bikinis in respect of the host country Indonesia’s Muslim traditions. All 137 contestants will instead wear one-piece bathing suits accessorized with long sarongs and hats.


This year’s contest will be held in Jakarta from September through to September 28 when the finals will be broadcast worldwide. Although 90% of Indonesia’s population is Muslim the pageant organizers are hoping that the move to opt for more conservative swim wear will keep the event from offending any visitors.  Chairperson for the pageant Julia Morley said, “I do not want to upset or get anyone in a situation where we are being disrespectful.”


However critics have voiced their strong opposition of the decision by the organizers saying the organizers are submitting to religious conservatives who want to keep women’s bodies under wraps while others are wondering if the bikini section that objectifies women shouldn’t just be permanently removed.