Missing Italian Fashion Mogul Wrecked Plane Found Off Venezuela


It has been almost six months since Italian fashion mogul Vittorio Missoni and five other persons went missing following takeoff at Los Roque archipelago in Venezuela for a short flight to the international airport near Caracas.


After many months of widespread searching Venezuelan authorities have reportedly located the light aircraft which was carrying Missoni and his wife along with two other passengers and two crew members. The small plane went off the radar shortly after takeoff on January 4.


The intensive search by the Venezuelan authorities involved boats, helicopters and divers who scoured the area for any signs of the missing plane. In late January the search was widened after a bag from the plane reportedly washed up in Curacao some 124 miles away from where the ill-fated craft disappeared.


A statement from the family published by Italy’s ANSA news agency said the plane was located with the assistance of an American ship with special oceanographic technology. It was located off the coast of Key Carenero, within the Los Roques archipelago.  The families of those who went missing on the plane issued a statement also thanking the Venezuelan and Italian government for their commitment in finding the wreckage.


Missoni, fifty eight ran the famous Missoni fashion house with his siblings Luca and Angela. The fashion house is patronized by celebrities like Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Ritchie. It is a high end fashion label and is most noted for its patterned knitwear and signature zigzag stripe. The company which is based in Milan has an estimated annual sale of between US $75 million and US$100 million annually.