Nazi-themed Opera Cancelled!


A German opera house has canceled a Nazi-themed production of a Wagner opera, as it contains scenes of murder and gas chambers which is said to have shocked the audience at it premier two Saturdays ago.


On the company’s website they stated that the Nazi-themed staging of s Wagner Opera caused members of the audience to become sick with its scenes of murder and the opera company withdrew it.


The production titled “Tannhaeuser” is directed by German director Burkhard C. Kosminski and is set during the Holocaust. Reports are that some members of the audience had to seek medical attention after they left the opera house. The Deutsche Oper am Rhein said, “We are, shocked that some scenes, especially the very realistic shooting scene, caused numerous guests such psychological and physical stress that they had to get medical treatment afterwards.”


He continued saying. “After considering all of the arguments, we have concluded that we cannot take responsibility for our artistic work having such an extreme effect so we cannot allow this production to continue being performed without any changes.”


The opera house said they had held discussions with Kosminski about the possibility of changing some scenes however, he refused citing artistic reasons.


This is the bicentenary year of Wagner’s birth however he is still a very controversial figure in Germany given his virulent anti-Semitism and also the fact that he was Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer.


Just last year a Russian opera singer pulled out of an opera festival, which was founded by Wagner over tattoos on his chest one of which had a close resemblance to the Nazi swastika.