New Caribbean Lifestyle TV Series To Premier This Year


A new 30 minute lifestyle TV program that aims to satisfy the Caribbean Diaspora is reportedly in the making. The show titled “Island Origins” aims to represent the Caribbean community in the mainstream media.


“Island Origins” is executively produced and hosted by Calibe Thompson of Blondie Ras Productions. The show will take a lighter look at how Caribbean people and culture have reached beyond the islands to influence the world at large. Thompson recently released a 7 minute promotional demo and is looking forward to having it distributed throughout the US, Canada, UK, Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora. The show is set to make its debut in the third quarter of 2013.


The show is intended for a broad audience, irrespective of ethnicity and cultural boundaries. Guests on the show will be drawn from the world of fashion, food, art, dance, sports and politics just to name a few and any other subject matter that will appeal to a broad audience.

In an interview Thompson said: “The more I learn about Caribbean people, the prouder I am of our culture. Colin Powell, Eric Holder, Jenna Wolfe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lenny Kravitz – these are some names I never knew had a Caribbean connection, yet they’ve been such a huge influence to so many people. Working on this show has magnified in my mind just how powerful a force the Caribbean can be. We want to share that knowledge with the world.”