New Research Says Dudes Are Obsessed With This Skin Care Treatment

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Most of us assume men show zero concern about primping and pampering their complexion, but new surprising research shows that men are taking a greater interest in treating their skin altogether.

Aside from wanting to look better and purchasing skin care products, increasing numbers of men are receiving in-office treatments.

According to a recent survey conducted by RealSelf, a community of board-certified dermatologists, doctors are stating that men ask are asking for acne scar removal treatments. The growing interest has also been seen on, where nearly a third of all acne scar-related content comes from men- that’s more than double the level of interest men show in popular pages like Botox or rhinoplasty.

So, what’s causing treatment uptick? Experts like dermatologist Dr. Martie Gidon credit improved acne scar removal technology and a heightened media awareness of such treatments to increasing patient numbers.

“Many men have put up with embarrassing acne scars because they were not aware that there were treatments to help,” says Dr. Gidon. These days, she said, men are simply better informed of their options.
With the media heightened awareness comes improved technology, as doctors state that technology has improved drastically compared to what it was ten years ago. In contrast to older treatments which caused pigmentation issues, new treatments like the Fraxel laser offer shorter recovery time, and noticeable results.

Whether it’s an improved awareness of treatments available or a desire to look better for work and personal reasons, Dr. Gidon believes that men will continue to seek such treatments in the future.

“Five to ten years ago, about 50 percent more men [started] seeking acne scar treatment at my office,” says Dr. Gidon. “Over the last five years, the request has grown at about 10 percent per year.”

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