Nicki Minaj And Hair Stylist Part Ways

While Nicki Minaj is usually know for her over the top fashion choices, many have noticed a recent change in the rappers look, especially when it comes to her hairstyle. Minaj’s new style is now more toned down, leaving many to wonder what has become of her multi-colored wigs.

Billboard reports that Minaj and her hairstylist Terrence Davidson have parted ways. Davidson explains his reason for leaving was due to creative differences.


In a statement issued, he said: “I’ve decided to step away as hair stylist and wig creator for Nicki Minaj. It has been an amazing experience offering me a chance to express my creativity and exhibit my love for the art form of wig design.”


Apart from needing a new hair stylist, Minaj has other ventures to pursue, including her American Idol gig which premiers this Wednesday, January 16th. In a recent TV press tour, Minaj revealed that she does not advise rappers to audition for the successful singing competition.