Nicki Minaj basked in her own glow during her visit to theBBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in London on Friday. The “Starships” rapper turned heads in a multicolored leotard, neon yellow ankle warmers, purple hair, and bracelets, carrying a popsicle as she walked the wet streets with her friend Scaff Beezy.

The fashion chameleon explained how she comes up with her outfits. “I have people that shop and I ask them to get me the best things in all the land, and they bring it to my room and then I sift through stuff,” she said. “Usually it’s pretty quick though. I just find something that catches my eye real quick and I just dump it on, and then I go and figure out a wig that I’m gonna wear. I have like 20 wigs laid out.”

She even has names for the mannequins that the wigs sit on. “Ashley, Barbara, Carla, Devina…” she laughed.




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