Notting Hill – London


Notting Hill in London is a truly fashionable neighborhood, where a vibrant mix of artists, working families and celebrities reside. Over the decades, Notting Hill has seen many evolutions. It is presently a large gentrified area of Victorian townhouse and private gardens.


It is best known for hosting the world’s second biggest carnival (after Rio’s Mardi Gras) and is home to the world famous Portobello Road markets. It is also a prime destination for culture enthusiasts and those on the hunt for a nostalgic London experience.


Two days in late August each year, the Notting Hill Carnival attracts millions of revelers in a celebration of West Indian and Asian cultures. The streets are jam packed with costumed party goers, steel pans, sound systems blasting reggae music and food stalls serving jerk chicken, rice and peas and curried dishes. Originating in the 1950’s, the carnival has since grown into one of the world’s top outdoor street festivals.

Interesting shops can be found just off Portobello Road. For music lovers, a visit to alternative music pioneer Rough Trade on Talbot Road is a must.  There are many exciting sites to be seen and explored in Notting Hill should you decide to venture to that side of London anytime soon.