Omarion being sued for ‘stealing’ Chris Brown’s song

R&B crooner Omarion is reportedly being sued for copyright infringement on Chris Brown’s song, “Came To Do”, according to JasmineBrand.

According to reports, BMG Rights Management has filed an injunction and a $300,000 lawsuit against Omarion, Atlantic Records, and DJ Mustard for the song “Post To Be,” which they claim infringes Chris Brown’s “Came To Do.”


Brown’s “Came To Do” was released on his 2014 studio album “X,” and had mutiple writers, one of which turned over half of the rights to BMG Management.


According to BMG, Omarion’s “Post To Be” is identical to Brown’s “Came To Do” with it’s beat placement, intervals, pitches, and rhythmic duration.


Source: The Tropixs